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Members need to sign in through the member login page to book a court. Click the button below to sign in:

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Court Booking

Members may book a court by in advance using our on-line tennis booking system, from a desktop browser or mobile phone (Android or iOS) application. Courts cannot be booked by leaving telephone messages.

Courts are available anytime the courts are not committed to maintenance or programs – whether those be house league or team matches, round robins, junior instructional programs or other special events. In order to see what times are available for play, members may visit the court schedule on our website.

Players should promptly exit their court at the end of the play period.

Court play periods are one hour in length.

Under the current court booking rules of the club, you are limited to THREE (3) outstanding bookings in the system at any one time. i.e. when we say "outstanding", it means a future booking such that the time slot for the booking has not yet passed. So for example, you have a booking for tomorrow, another in 3 days, and another in 5 days. Once the time of the first booking has passed, you are are free to make a new booking. The end time of any future booking you make must be 6 days or less in the future from the present time, to the minute. i.e. at 10:59am on Tuesday, the farthest out you may book is for 9am-10am next Monday. At 11am on Tuesday, you can book for 10am-11am next Monday. Note that Junior member booking times are restricted, as per the information shown

How To Reserve Online

Reservable courts may be booked online anytime the courts are not committed to maintenance or programs – whether those be house league or team matches, round robins, junior instructional programs or other special events. In order to see what times are available for tag up play, members must login through the Member Login tab and then click on Courts & Events. The schedule of bookable courts will be available after entering a login and password.

Reservation System— Reservations may be booked for either singles or doubles, 6 days in advance for 1 hour of play. We have an on-line tennis booking system available for booking online courts and viewing and booking pre-scheduled events on all three courts. Our tennis booking system is accessible via the member section of the LPTC website.

To use the booking system, you login exactly the same way you do to register membership through our Lawrence Park Tennis Club Website ‘Member Area sign in’ page.  Use the same Username and Password that you use to register for membership. You will need to remember your Username and Password if you use the computer at the club to book a court.
Once you log in on the LPTC site, you will not be required to log in again to the tennis booking system. In the Members’ Area of the website you will see a list of options in the black bar the top of your screen, click on ‘Book a Court’ and it will automatically direct you to the tennis booking page.

If you want to book a bookable online court, hover over the ‘RESERVE’ booking slot which will light up gray and then click there. The option to book will pop up. Click the "save" button once you fill out all the details.

If a member is unable to use an online booking, they should cancel the on-line booking. This will allow other members to take advantage of the unused court time.

No Double Booking

A member participating in any organized program (e.g. Early Birds, Team Practices, Clinics etc.) may not book another court:

a) in the time period immediately before or after the program, or
b) while the program is still in session

Hours of Play

Club play hours are determined by our City permit. Our hours are 7:00 am – 11:00 pm Monday to Sunday, as per our permit, and subject to organized activities and daily court maintenance.

Junior members may book with either an adult member or junior member during all day Saturday and with either an adult member or junior member during the dedicated junior spring and fall instructional time 4-6pm weekdays in May, June, July, August, September and October if there is a court available that is not being used for junior instruction.  Of course, at any time a junior member may play as a guest of an adult member (with no guest fee) assuming that the level of play does not affect players on other courts (more details on our Rules and Etiquette page)

About our Clay Courts

While we refer to our court surface as “clay”, in reality it is composed of compacted, water- saturated crushed rock called “Har Tru.” It has to be swept and watered a number of times a day and rolled often to be cool, and soft and firm at the same time. Because the clay is a soft surface and requires regular maintenance, we have to treat it with respect. Therefore, please wear only proper “clay tennis shoes” with a shallow smooth pattern like “herring bone” and round edges.

What is so Special About Playing on Clay?

is shoe to slide to gentle stops. This is one of many advantages of clay court tennis. These soft stops prevent injuries to tendons, muscles and ligaments that we might otherwise face playing hard court tennis. Because the clay is also gentle to body joints like the knees and hips, our more senior players can enjoy vigorous tennis late into their years.

On very hot days, players will find our courts much cooler to play on than hard courts. This is because the water contained in the clay evaporates continuously and self-cools the surface. Where hard courts “burn” your feet on a hot summer day, the clay stays comfortably cool.

Another advantage of clay courts is that they usually dry very quickly after a rain. Unlike hard courts, which need to be sponged off to disburse the water, rain is absorbed into the clay and courts are often playable within a short period after the rain ends, with no manual intervention required. Of course, lengthy downpours may require longer periods to dry. After very heavy rain, it is important not to go onto courts that are still wet as this will cause the surface to become uneven.

Court Maintenance

We ask players to vacate the courts when requested by our Court Monitors to allow for the maintenance which helps keep our courts in excellent playing condition. Clay courts are a much more forgiving surface than hard courts, but it takes a lot of work to keep them soft, smooth, and enjoyable to play on.

Daily court maintenance is viewable on our online court schedule and currently takes place as follows:

Monday to Sunday from 12pm – 1 pm (rotating from court to court), 6pm – 7pm and from 10pm – 11pm (rotating court to court)

Though we expect maintenance will usually be completed within one hour it may take longer.

In an effort to keep our courts in great shape it has been recommended that we increase the number of times that our courts are swept during the day. If time allows, after play, or following participation in a club program, please drag the courts and sweep the lines when your session is completed. If the courts are dry, members who feel comfortable doing so may also give the courts a light hand watering. The hoses can be found along the side fence on courts 1 and 3.

If you are interested in helping prepare our courts in the spring or assisting in closing the courts in the fall, look for the call for volunteers in our newsletter.

Special thanks to our Court Monitors for keeping the courts in such great shape. If you are interested in helping prepare our courts in the spring, look for the call for volunteers in our newsletter.

Members should direct any comments to our Courts Director (at and not to an individual worker or volunteer.

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