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Dress Code

The All White Dress Code at LPTC is a long standing and continuing tradition, we request that members and guests follow these guidelines:

All Tennis shirts, shorts, skirts and dresses must be all white with up to a max 10% colour trim (including hats/ visors) 

Non- Tennis wear (such as cut-offs, jogging shorts, street clothes, etc.) even if white, is not considered appropriate attire, shirts with large writing, advertising or pictures are not acceptable, even if predominately white.

Non- white tennis warm up suits, sweaters and jackets are acceptable although it is preferable that it be white in colour if you plan to continue playing in your warm up attire, tennis attire under warm up suits must be all white

Non marking proper clay court tennis shoes must be worn to preserve the court surface.

Those in violation of the dress code will be asked to change into appropriate white attire or leave the court.

Member and guest understanding and cooperation is appreciated in helping to carry out the spirit and tradition of the dress code.

Guest Rules and Fees:

Our courts and clubhouse are not open to members of the public, however, members may bring guests to play during appropriate court hours.

Guests may visit the club up to 2 times per month per member

A fee of $10, payable by the member, must be paid on CourtReserve when booking

Guests have the same playing privileges and obligations at members and must respect the club code of conduct and dress code


Our club consists of three clay courts tucked in the park beside Alexander Muir Memorial Gardens which are open to members and their guests from 7 am - 11 pm (expect at such times as there are formal programs using the courts) during our outdoor playing season (typically May through October).

Our clubhouse has a common reception area, a kitchen and change rooms with lockers (locks not provided) and washrooms for men and women.

Access to the courts and clubhouse is locked unless there are members present.


There is a parking lot at the end of Alexander Muir Road (east of the tennis courts and and lawn bowling greens). Parking is also permitted on Yonge Street and Dawlish Avenue (The street running north of the club) subject to city time restrictions.

The city prohibits parking on Alexander Muir Road in front of the tennis courts or lawn bowling greens. The road is considered a fire lane and cars parked in this area may receive heavy fines.

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